More unique retail – get your sweet tooth ready.

You know when you’re at work and you get that sugar craving that needs to be cured? Maybe you walk to the vending machine, but it is all granola bars and gummi-snacks. Fear no more, 5th Street Arcades will soon have the solution for all of your sweet-tooth problems.

Formerly known as the Colonial Marketplace, 5th Street Arcades is renovating itself into the home of unique retail, opening shop to various local vendors and giving them the opportunity to show Downtown Cleveland what they’ve got. Opening on January 21, Chocolate 76 will be opening up shop in Sweet #16 (see what they did there?) where they will be selling the city their handmade chocolate — so much for that New Year’s Resolution to lose weight (oh please).

The ladies behind Chocolate 76 have been selling their treats at the Downtown Farmers Market in 5th Street Arcade as well as other market events around Northeast Ohio.

Chocolate 76’s grand opening is January 21, and they’re open from 11am-6pm. You can like them on Facebook here — but be warned, they post a large amount of pictures of their chocolate masterpieces, so your sweet-tooth cravings will kick in quickly.


Photo//Chocolate 76

The E-Line Trolley that runs down Euclid can take you to the 5th Street Arcades, but, since the building is in a pretty central location downtown, walking won’t take long at all (see, you can still honor that resolution of yours). When you visit the 5th Street Arcades, make sure to stop in to Curious Cleaveland to see what other unique retail Downtown Cleveland has in store (no pun intended… okay, maybe a little bit intended)

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