Tackling the Tower at Erieview

While the weather outside is somewhat frightful, Cleveland’s dedicated marathoners are ready to do some climbing during the 11th Annual Tackle the Tower Stairclimb.

The event that benefits the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland is held at the Tower at Erieview on Saturday, February 2nd.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of Race Day:

Parking is available on East 9th Street, just a short walk to Erieview.

Stop by the Galleria’s newest addition, Winks Bar & Grille, which was added to this iconic building in October. They’ll be opening up shop bright & early at 8am to serve up some special breakfast for CLE’s most determined.


Stop in for a breakfast sandwich, Lizard Hash and more!

While you’re warming up for your race and in fitness mode, imagine what the Galleria would look like if it was a Downtown YMCA. Can’t picture it? Check out the video here. Having a Downtown YMCA would bolster the vibrancy, excitement and activity that will only add to the revitalization of our neighborhood. By participating in Tackle the Tower, you’re making lasting positive changes in your lives; imagine what a Downtown YMCA would do for other Clevelanders.

Now you’re climbing the stairs in the Tower at Erieview. Get your mind off the amount of steps you still have to climb, and start thinking of the beauty of the tower. This 40-floor skyscraper (So wait – how many stairs are you climbing?) is offering $17M in tenant improvements to businesses seeking to expand or relocate Downtown.

The Galleria and Tower at Erieview

The Galleria and Tower at Erieview

Perhaps you’ve heard this in the news, but a new notable tenant includes London-based Alexander Mann Solutions, an international recruitment firm with clients such as Mercedes-Benz, plans to bring at least 300 jobs to Downtown and its new North American headquarters. Read more about who is moving to Downtown in our Market Update.

By this time, you’ve finished the race – congratulations! It’s time to celebrate. Since Winks was kind enough to open early to serve you a pre-climb breakfast, return the favor by celebrating with a cold one at their bar. Nothing says “I did it!” like a celebratory drink.

Now what? The day is young; it’s time to explore Downtown. This may be your first time in the city in a while, or you may be in Downtown quite often, regardless, there is plenty to do and see.

On Saturdays, the L-Line Trolley can pick you up right outside of the Galleria – did we mention that it’s free? Hop on and let it take you through the streets of town. The L-Line connects riders to the Rock Hall, The Science Center, Voinovich Park, the Casino and more. While you’re riding (and resting your legs after the climb!), take a look out the window and check out the progress being made at the Cleveland Medical Mart and Convention Center.

Since you’ll already be in Downtown, here are some other things going on that day to fill up your schedule:

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