Who is eating popcorn for lunch?

The 37th Annual Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF) is back at Tower City Cinemas starting on April 3rd. When we think movies, we think popcorn. Hungry? We have you covered with Popcorn for Lunch. Spend your lunch hour at the CIFF! Screenings last between 90 and 100 minutes, but individual shorts can have shorter running times.

Join us at the beginning, join us in progress, leave early or stay until the very end.

So what’s this popcorn for lunch deal? If you buy any size popcorn, you get the same size fountain drink for free. Fresh wraps will also be featured at Dee’s Café in the lobby. Take some time out of your busy schedule and really enjoy your lunch. Bring your co-workers, friends or family members!


Tickets are on sale now for both CIFF Members as well as for the general public. Tickets are $12 for members and $14 for the public — But wait! — DCA friends get a special discount. Use the code “DCA” when purchasing your tickets to any film at the Festival and receive $2 off the ticket price. Score!

Now that you’ve decided to spend your lunch break with us at CIFF, it’s time to plan your commute so you can enjoy as much of the film as possible. RTA’s free (you’ve seen this word frequently in this post, haven’t you?) trolley system has weekday route that will take you right to Tower City.  The B-Line makes a beeline (ha ha ha) from your offices on Superior, East 12th, Lakeside or West 6th, right to the Film Festival with a drop-off at Public Square. The E-Line makes the same stop at Public Square, but it will pick you up from your offices on Euclid Avenue or in the Warehouse District. Of course, you could always take a nice walk, but the trolleys, that arrive every ten minutes to their stops, may help with the specific time crunch.

Popcorn for Lunch (11am-1pm) Noon Films

  • Thursday, April 4th @ 12:00 Noon – Independent Shorts Program 1 (Code SHRT04)

    • Fusion: The Art of Collaboration | Travis Pollert & Joe Jerecki, USA, 20 min.
    • Sundays at Rocco’s | Mike Rauch & Tim Rauch, USA, 4 min.
    • Home (Casa)| Carlos Martin, Spain, 8 min.
    • The Sandbox | Daniel Carberry, USA, 4 min.
    • Second Parent | Katie Damien, USA, 3 min.
    • Josephine and the Roach | Jonathan Langager, USA, 15 min.
    • First In Flight | Brandon Hess, USA, 29 min.
    • The Green Dogs (Les chiens verts) | Mathias Rifkiss & Colas Rifkiss, France, 21 min.
  • Friday, April 5th @ 12:00 Noon – Independent Shorts Program 2 (Code SHRT05)

    • Yellow Sticky Notes | Canadian Anijam | Jeff Chiba Stearns, Canada, 8 min.
    • A Short Film | Rick Williamson, USA, 3 min.
    • The Lobster’s Cry | Nicolas Guiot, Belgium, 30 min.
    • Mr. Christmas | Nick Palmer, USA, 15 min.
    • Eyes on the Stars | Mike Rauch & Tim Rauch, USA, 4 min.
    • The Last Border (Die letzte Grenze) | Daniel Butterworth, Germany, 21 min.
    • Un Peu Plus | Conor Ferguson, Ireland, 7 min.
    • Harry Grows Up | Mark Nickelsburg, USA, 12 min.
  • Monday, April 8th @ 12:00 Noon – Independent Shorts Program 3 (Code INDY08)

    • A Family Man | Mike Rauch & Tim Rauch, USA, 4 min.
    • The Radar | Jan Rouiller & Nicky Marbot, France, 18 min.
    • Past Their Prime | Becca Friedman, USA, 23 min.
    • Small | Sanne Vogel, Netherlands, 7 min.
    • She, Who Excels in Solitude | Mako Kamitsuna, USA, 20 min.
    • Captive | Michael Noonan, Australia, 6 min.
    • Do No Harm (Non Farai del Male) | Luca Elmi, Italy, 20 min.
    • Here You Go | Jill Durso, USA, 13 min.
  • Tuesday, April 9th @ 12:00 Noon – Independent Shorts Program 9 (Code INDY09)

    • Marking the Distance | Tim Rauch & Mike Rauch, USA, 3 min.
    • A Better Place Than This| Daniel Grove, USA, 24 min.
    • Touch Me (Corps Solidaires)| Pascal Roy, France, 28 min.
    • Howard | Carolyn Wong, Canada, 19 min.
    • Béatrice Coron’s Daily Battles | James Stewart, Canada, 7 min.
    • The Louder The Better | Michael Toscano, USA, 14 min.
    • Coming Soon| Fabrice Maruca, France, 11 min.
  • Wednesday, April 10th @ 12:00 Noon – Independent Shorts Program 10 (Code SHRT10)

    • More Than Winning | Nick Fox Gieg, Canada, 3 min.
    • Even Me | Megan Ebor, USA, 25 min.
    • Advantageous | Jennifer Phang, USA, 24 min.
    • This Is Lipstick! | Michael Sarrow, USA, 7 min.
    • She (Ella) | Juan Montes De Oca, Spain, 19 min.
    • Would You Be So Kind To Leave, Sir (Je vous prie de sortir) | Valérie Théodore, France, 19 min.
    • David’s Tour (Il Tour di Davide) | Nicola Sersale, Italy/United Kingdom, 12 min.
  • Thursday, April 11th @ 12:00 Noon – Independent Shorts Program 11 (Code SHRT11)

      • Making It | Tim Rauch & Mike Rauch, USA, 3 min.
      • Have You Got a Minute? (Ce l’hai un minuto?)| Alessandro Bardani, Italy, 9 min.
      • Double or Nothing  |Nathaniel Krause, USA, 11 min.
      • Peter at the End | Russ Lamoureux, USA, 23 min.
      • Life Doesn’t Frighten Me | Stephen Dunn, Canada, 14 min.
      • Closing Bell | John Ambros, USA, 5 min.
      • The Record Breaker | Brian McGinn, Denmark, 25 min.
      • Punched (Abgestempelt) | Michael Rittmannsberger, Austria, 11 min.


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