A festival of food in DowntownCLE


Whether you work, live or play in Downtown Cleveland, fresh produce, live music and a nice market will always sound beyond appealing. Lucky for you workers, livers and players, you can swing by the Downtown Farmers Market (DFM) any time of year.


On the first Friday in June, DFM sets up shop outdoors in Public Square, taking over the NW quad (closest to Old Stone Church). The square fills up with DFM patrons who are eager to purchase fresh produce, office snacks or a quick lunch. Food trucks park nearby, live entertainment is provided and everyone can easily enjoy a relaxing, vibrant lunch-break.

Looking to plant a garden this summer? Purchase some seeds from Ohio Heirloom Seeds – they have quite the variety for only $3. Proceeds benefit the market.

The E-Line and B-Line Trolleys both have stops at Public Square, taking you right up to all the action. The HealthLine also can take you to your DFM destination.

DFM has recently extended their schedule so they are now occurring on Fridays year-round – they wouldn’t let a CLE winter get in the way of serving their loyal customers! From November through May, you can find your favorite vendors inside the 5th Street Arcades (formerly known as the Colonial Marketplace) on Fridays from 11am-2pm.

So if the fact that Downtown has a Farmers Market that is both indoor and outdoor doesn’t sell you enough, let us tell you a little bit more.


The Downtown Farmers Market is a producer-only market. This means that they only accept vendors who grow the produce or make the product themselves and – wait for it –  the produce is all locally grown! Most of the produce vendors are actually located right here in Cleveland – the fruits and veggies you can buy are all grown just minutes away. Talk about shopping local! The herbs and spices also come from local vendors – no matter what your purchase is, you’re supporting CLE.

Photo // DFM

Photo // DFM

Since the DFM draws a pretty lively lunch crowd, they’ve really spiced up (pun intended) those coveted three hours so patrons can get the most out of the experience. This past spring, live music was added to the DFM at the 5th Street Arcades. Past artists include Rob Duskey and Brent Kirby. DFM’s social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter, can update you weekly to the schedule of talented artists coming to play and they’ll also give you a sneak peak of the artists beforehand.

Between the produce and spices you can buy at the Farmers Market and the goods you can find at Constantino’s in the Warehouse District, you can whip up a meal as unique, as creative, and maybe as delicious as a meal prepared by any of Downtown’s talented chefs.

Photo // DFM

Photo // DFM

Want to find out more? Check out DFM’s brand new website: www.downtownclevelandmarket.org.

For more awesome Downtown Cleveland events, check out our event calendar.

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