Spend your summer on the lake

North Coast Harbor (NCH) is home to the Great Lakes Science Center, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, FirstEnergy Stadium and so much more. The Harbor’s footprint is packed with some of Cleveland’s most popular destinations and this summer’s schedule holds exciting events that are fun for the whole family. Cleveland’s lakefront district is ripe for activity, and with the sun shining and summer fast approaching, the hype is increasing at an incredible rate.


This month, a celebration of wine, food, music and friends is coming to NCH. The Cleveland Wine Festival presented by Giant Eagle is back at Voinovich Park June 14 and 15. What better way to enjoy the lakefront than with a glass of wine in hand and your friends around you? Purchase your tickets on June 5 or June 6 using the code “DCA” and you can receive $5 off ticket price.

Kicking off the holiday weekend in July, a fleet of magnificent Tall Ships will sail into the Port of Cleveland to participate in the 4-day, fun-filled Tall Ships Festival. The festival, which will be in Cleveland July 4-7,  will showcase the diverse Great Lakes maritime history as visitors board the vessels, meet the crew and experience the heritage these ships symbolize.

In the mood for some iconic rock and roll? The Rock Hall has a brand new exhibit featuring The Rolling Stones. Want to visit another awesome historical exhibit? Head next-door to the Great Lakes Science Center to see their new Titanic Artifact Exhibition.

2 thoughts on “Spend your summer on the lake

  1. I call it “The Ninth St. Pier,” my favorite place in Cleveland. I ride my bike down there as often as possible, sit under the trees and watch the sailboats and jet skis, watch incredible sunsets, and interact with locals and visitors from around the world. It is one of the few places downtown that offers access to Lake Erie, which is the thing most visitors to our city want to see. I take photos regularly, for the guy who pulled a fish out of the water, the couple honeymooning in Cleveland, the father who wanted to preserve the memory of a day-trip with his son.
    I would love to be involved in “sprucing up” the Pier: planting flowers, fixing broken pavers, power-washing, removing debris… this location could be a JEWEL.
    Jeannie Perse
    Concierge Ambassador, Positively Cleveland

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