AmTrust Financial brings nearly 1,000 new jobs to the NineTwelve District


The Cleveland Financial Center, located at 800 Superior Ave., is the new home of AmTrust Financial and National General Insurance. AmTrust has made $17 million worth of improvements to the building.

Helping to add to the renewed vibrancy in the NineTwelve District, AmTrust Financial and National General Insurance have together invested approximately $17 million worth of improvements at 800 Superior Avenue, now called the Cleveland Financial Center.

AmTrust Financial’s relocation to Downtown and purchase with National General Insurance of the building has resulted in a gain of approximately 900 new jobs to date in the NineTwelve District. These jobs are a sizable portion of the 4,500 new jobs all of Downtown has gained in the last 24 months, showing a continued interest in bringing business to Cleveland’s city center.

National General Insurance (formerly GMAC Insurance), an affiliate of AmTrust, and AmTrust now occupy more than 200,000 square feet of space on nine floors, and the companies are reserving an aggregate of 70,000 square feet for future growth.

AmTrust has made many improvements to the Cleveland Financial Center since taking ownership, including new AmTrust signage on the top of the building. Technology and infrastructure improvements include new building switchgear and a backup generator that allows power to be controlled by each individual floor. Cosmetic improvements include enlarged exterior entryways, new exterior lighting to improve the building’s façade, and a redesigned main lobby. The Cleveland Financial Center’s parking garage, which is directly linked to the building via a private courtyard, also recently underwent $2 million worth of improvements.

Many employees who work at the Cleveland Financial Center have taken advantage of the convenient transit options Downtown, specifically the NineTwelve Trolley. RTA’s free trolley picks up riders from the Cleveland Municipal Lot – where parking is just $3 a day – and drops them off at stops along East 9th Street, which makes for a quick and inexpensive commute. The RTA recently extended the hours of the NineTwelve Trolley, partially due to boosted ridership from the Cleveland Financial Center.

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