Small Business Spotlight: Curiosidy


Every month, we will spotlight a Downtown small business that reflects the dynamic energy of the startup community in urban Cleveland. 

Curiosidy, one of Downtown Cleveland’s newest startup companies, is a social media platform that focuses on giving users a meaningful experience.

“Most social media right now has a somewhat superficial culture, and we were interested in exploring deeper ways of connecting online,” said Monica Cowan, CEO of Curiosidy. “We created a social platform and tested our idea throughout the summer. We found that our concept worked really well in a private, corporate setting. Thus, we shifted our focus to creating private storytelling intranets for enterprises that improve collaboration and group dynamics.”

After creating their concept, the Curiosidy team was able to get involved with FlashStarts, a small business incubator located in PlayhouseSquare.

“We really love the energy, focus and dynamic culture of business incubators,” Cowan said. “This culture is almost impossible to replicate independently. We decided to get involved with FlashStarts as soon as we found out about it.”

According to Cowan, FlashStarts gives important focus to getting products to market quickly and reacting to customer feedback, which the Curiosidy team has taken to heart. The FlashStarts community, coupled with a Downtown location, has been key to the organization’s success thus far.

“The energy and atmosphere of being Downtown, coupled with countless resources within walking distance, has worked really well for us,” Cowan said.

Cowan said that the company is continuing to perfect their software each day and is about a month away from hiring their first employee. She would love to see Curiosidy grow more Downtown and will announce more about the company’s future after FlashStarts’ Demo Day in late September.

“There is so much support for local businesses [Downtown] and we have been inspired by the startup community,” she said.

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