dtCLE accolades in 2013

1214 cleve from eagle bridge

2013 was a big year for Downtown Cleveland. An addition to hotel, office and residential building openings this year, dtCLE was the fixture of several national news stories about rising urban cores. From being named one of the best cities for Millennials to one of the cool new travel towns, more and more publications are recognizing Cleveland’s rising status among peer cities. Check out some of dtCLE’s 2013 accolades below – we can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring!

– One of the top 15 emerging downtowns in the U.S. (Forbes Magazine)

– Most walkable neighborhood in Northeast Ohio (Walkscore.com)

– One of the top cities for Millennials to live (The Atlantic Cities)

– 3rd in Midwest for non-car commuters (U.S. Census Bureau)

– Top 20 best cities for college grads seeking employment (The Atlantic Cities)

– Recipient of the Downtown Merit Award for NineTwelve District Initiatives (International Downtown Association)

– #1 business climate in Ohio (Chief Executive Magazine)

– #1 work-live quotient in Ohio (International Downtown Association Defining Downtowns Report)

– #1 in Ohio job population (International Downtown Association Defining Downtowns Report)

– #4 rising star cities for travelers (Gogobot)

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